PREschool is left out of PE

Our youngest learners do not receive Physical Education as a part of their curriculum. Federal guidelines suggest that children should have 60 minutes of physical activity a day. This increases brain development leading to improved academic performance.  The focus on breathing allows the child to improve their social/emotional behavior, giving them the power to control their own feelings. 

Mission2Move is actively working to provide the 2000 preschool students physical education here in Cincinnati, at the moment 400 are being served through the program. 


What does it look like?

Similar to our other programs the Mission2Move Preschool Program includes:

  • Neural Based Drills

  • Relay Races: different movement patterns: walking, running, skipping, jumping, backwards walking

  • Hand-Breathing

  • Feelings Circle: what are feelings and how do we have the power to control them?

Where Can You Find it?

The Mission2Move Preschool Program can be found in 21 Cincinnati Public Schools serving 1000 students weekly.