Calmer classrooms


the simple way to improve emotional behavior


Develop Coping Skills

Mission2Move enables students to control their emotions and be responsible for their body.

Active the Brain and Body

Mission2Move uses neural based body movements to improve brain activation. The movements help teachers retain attention.



Transition Smoothly

Save time and energy when moving between lessons.

It sets a positive tone for the day as they [the students and teachers] prepare for high quality learning experiences.
— Vera Brooks, Director of Early Childhood, Cincinnati Public Schools
  • Mission2Move is happening in over 20 schools

  • Over 1,000 students per week participating in Mission2Move Programs

  • 77,000 minutes of activity added to classrooms

Teacher Program Includes:

  • Training for neuro based drills

  • Instructional How-To Videos

  • Posters and print outs for class & home

  • Weekly updates and best practices

  • Music, Videos for classroom participation

  • Accessible for $5/mo

Ready to join the movement that’s bringing calm to classrooms?